4 Reasons to Work at Wings of the Future

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Being a family counselor for those that have been impacted by trauma is an amazing experience as you get the chance to make a difference in so many lives. However, finding the right practice to work for is a major part of enjoying your position, and being able to truly use your talents to help these families that are in need.

At Wings of the Future, we are looking for licensed family counselors that have a similar mission and vision as our practice and founder, Krystal Boothe. Continue reading to learn more about Wings of the Future and discover why you should apply for a position with us today!

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Making a Difference

Here at Wings of the Future, we are committed to educating marginalized families to facilitate the healing process. It is our mission to truly make a difference in the lives of those that are hurting from traumas in regards to domestic violence, addiction, mental health, and dysfunctional family relationships, and more. Apply today to take the next step in making a difference in the lives of Southern California families!

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Competitive Pay

As a Private Practice, Wings of the Future strives to offer our Licensed Counselors competitive pay. While the work we do is not about the money, we believe that well-paid counselors can offer more value to their clients when their financial needs are being met. Apply for a position at Wings of the Future today to get started!

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Great Benefits

In addition to competitive pay, Wings of the Future provides our Licensed Counselors with great benefits. We understand the importance of having the support you need when it comes to healthcare, retirement, and time off for personal growth. Apply for one of our counselor positions today!

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Family Culture

Working for a Private Practice offers many benefits such as working in a family culture. This is something that we heavily focus on at Wings of the Future as we understand the importance of collaborating and supporting each other — especially in the field of family counseling. Apply today to take the next step towards becoming a part of the family!

Interested in joining our team of Licensed Counselors at Wings of the Future in Southern California? We can’t wait to learn more about you. Download and fill out the application below and send it to our team to get started!

Send Applications to: kboothe@wingsofthefuture4us.com

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4 Reasons to Work at Wings of the Future