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Common Misconceptions About Therapy

Discovering the Truths About Counseling

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Over the years, terms like “therapy” and “counseling” have been given a very negative connotation, and have been depicted in a way through movies and shows that lead to individuals often getting an inaccurate idea of what exactly it is and the importance of it. Today, Wings of the Future is here to dispute some of the most common misconceptions about therapy. Continue reading to learn more, and contact our team of licensed counselors today with any questions!

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“I don’t need therapy. I have friends and family.”

Family and friends make up our support system, which is extremely important to our everyday lives. However, these individuals cannot act as your therapist or counselor as you will likely feel the need to hold back your actual emotions or feelings on specific subjects to protect them from being hurt or offended. With a counselor, you are able to be completely open, speak your mind, and show emotions as they are an unbiased outsider to the situations at hand.

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“I don’t need therapy because I don’t have serious problems.”

Therapy is important and beneficial no matter how big or small a problem may seem. In fact, even if there are seemingly no problems at all, counseling can help you find more joy, happiness, and prosperity in life as you discover more about yourself and different aspects of life, as well as learn how to navigate through life in the best way possible.

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“I just want someone to tell me what to do.”

Counselors aren’t quite like personal trainers or life coaches that will just tell you what you should do in the situations and problems you face. Alternatively, counselors help walk you through the different options and the pros and cons of each so that you can make educated decisions about your life. Many times, counseling sessions reveal to you that you knew the answer all along and simply couldn’t identify it or didn’t want to accept it. Not only can a therapist help you identify and discover these things, they can also help you be confident in accepting and understanding why the answer is indeed what is best for you.

“Therapy is for crazy and/or weak people.”

“Therapy is for crazy and/or weak people.”

The biggest misconception that needs to be laid to rest overall is that counseling and struggling with your mental or emotional health reveals a weakness or makes you crazy. Instead, we should accept it like we would any physical health problem that a person might be facing and normalize seeing therapists similar to that of seeing a doctor or physician. Rather than turning to unhealthy or unresolvable coping mechanisms, it is best to seek a professional counselor's assistance in resolving problems in your life and living a happier and healthier life in the end.

Common Misconceptions About Therapy

If one of these or another misconception of therapy is keeping you from scheduling an appointment, our team at Wings of the Future would like to encourage you to weigh the pros and cons of going out of your comfort zone to see one of our licensed therapists. The improvements and benefits we have witnessed our services providing to our clients is proof in and of itself that therapy is necessary and can truly make a positive impact on your life forever. Get in touch with us today to schedule a session!

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